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Helping Professional Advisors Expand Their Practice

The knowledge obtained through NSSA® Certificate Program, in conjunction with adherence to the NSSA® standards of excellence, continuing education, and access to ongoing support, enables those who earn the Certificate to perpetually stay at the top of their game for Social Security consulting.

The National Social Security Association, LLC oversees all facets of the National Social Security Advisors Certificate Program including:
  • Educational content development delivery and maintenance
  • Instructor selection and training
  • Program requirements, policies, and procedures
  • Promotion of the NSSA brand® brand
  • The National Social Security Association, LLC is a for-profit firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Mission

The NSSA® Certificate Program is a nationally recognized standard of competent and ethical Social Security planning, education and training.

Professional advisors who earn the NSSA® Certificate benefit society by helping individuals and couples improve their financial security during retirement years through maximization of Social Security benefits.

Board of Directors

The National Social Security Association’s Board of Directors consists of very enthusiastic and hard-working committed practitioners. The board members include founders Marc Kiner and Jim Blair, along with NSSA Certificate holder® Brian Schmidt.

The board provides strategic direction regarding the content and standards of the National Social Security Association’s Advisors Certificate Program.

Marc Kiner

Marc Kiner: Founder

Marc Kiner has 35 years experience in public accounting. His primary areas of service were to privately held businesses and individuals. Recognizing a need in the marketplace for enhanced advisor knowledge for Social Security filings, Marc sold his practice in 2012 to concentrate on Social Security. Marc is co-founder of the National Social Security Advisors certificate program.

Jim Blair

Jim Blair: Founder

Jim Blair is the lead consultant in our Social Security consulting department, with over 35 years experience in helping individuals manage their Social Security benefits. Jim retired after 35 years with the Social Security Administration and is co-founder of the National Social Security Advisors certificate program.

Brian Schmidt

Brian Schmidt: CPA

Brian Schmidt has 22 years of public and private accounting. Primary areas of service are to individuals and business and includes complex tax planning along with mergers and acquisitions. Brian purchased his CPA practice in 2012 and belongs to the American Institute of CPAs, Ohio Society of CPAs and Knights of Columbus. Brian completed the NSSA Certificate Program and maintains the Certificate.

Other Personnel

Warrick Graves

Warrick Graves: National Sales Director

Warrick Graves is the Director of Business Development for the NSSA Certificate program. Warrick has 31 years in the financial services industry and has worked with Wells Fargo, Prudential Securities and Merrill Lynch. Warrick is the co-author of “Stop Probate Now” and he is a nationally renowned speaker conducting over 1,200 seminars nationwide. Warrick is the founder of National Investment Management Consultant.

Jeremy Kiner

Jeremy Kiner: Podcast Engineer

Gail Jacobs

Gail Jacobs: Business Development Officer

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Thanks for the SS training last week! Learned a lot and looking forward to further focus on this important part of the financial planning matrix!
Leslie C, Kentucky
Thanks guys, it is VERY much appreciated to have you take time out of your day to answer a complicated question from time to time that comes across our desks.
Bradley W, California
I hope all is well my friend. We filled up another 100 people last month and taught them all about social security, this is truly something special we have created to help out thousands of San Diegans and counting.
Brad W, California
I thought the information was outstanding!  I was anxious to get started and improve my foundation of knowledge surrounding social security as it has become a significant portion of our planning.
David G, Florida
I appreciate that you are always there to support me. It means a lot! 
Danielle A, Kansas
It was so nice talking with you yesterday.  I was super impressed how quickly you called me!
Susan C, Florida
I am very pleased that I came to the education . .  What I learned is what I came for and to know that the video will be available for backup is great.
Bob Z
This course has been very helpful to clients already, thanks again, Sam
Sam D, Connecticut
Just want to say it's really great having you two to lean on when I'm uncertain.  You've trained me well but sometimes question myself.  Thanks for doing what you do!
Barbara S, Colorado
Thank you and Jim for the incredible work and effort put into these webinars, videos etc, let alone this program. Really a blessing to have been directed to you. Karl W was absolutely right: you guys are class acts.
Alan K
I finished the on demand class today . .  I really enjoyed the class and I learned a lot. 
Adam H, Illinois
Social Security is complex program where the choice you make can mean thousands of dollars of extra earnings in retirement. Knowing these choices is important to my clients and NSSA [Certificate program] has increased my ability to guide them in the right direction.
James B
Thanks for providing such valuable information and updates on a periodic basis. It really helps with conversations that I have with my clients.  Excellent support.
Rayyan A
Over the last 12 months since earning the NSSA Certificate I have brought in 40 additional clients and $400,000 in additional revenues.
David S, Washington State
I am enjoying the course and love the conversation between you guys on the videos, especially the trials and tribulations of party animal "Harold."
Chris K, Connecticut
I attended your class and passed the NSSA assessment 2 1/2 years ago. The NSSA Certificate been a career boost and my clientele is reflecting that.
Kimberly H, Ohio
You guys helped close a big case with that answer really appreciate it. Thank you for the great work you both do.
Patrick C, California
Thanks again for the training you provided it has been invaluable for my practice.
Stacey A, TN
NSSA has directly increased my credibility, my business, and overall client experience and satisfaction.
Kimberly Y, Ohio
Thanks again for the great training. I started using the information I learned with my clients immediately. It has really added to my credibility!
Rich M, Texas
You guys rock!  I am thoroughly enjoying your SS online course!
David T, Florida
I really appreciate your examples, they make it come alive more so than articles describing strategies.



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