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About Us

Expand your practice with the National Social Security Advisors Certificate

The knowledge obtained through NSSA® certificate [test], in conjunction with adherence to the NSSA® standards of excellence, will enable you to perpetually stay at the top of your game for Social Security consulting.

The National Social Security Association, LLC oversees all facets of the National Social Security Advisors certificate program including:

  • Advisor requirements
  • Training company requirements
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Promotion of the NSSA® brand

The National Social Security Association, LLC establishes the requirements for companies to train advisors.

National Social Security Association education, training, and certification are available through our partners.

The National Social Security Association, LLC is a for-profit firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

National Social Security Association, LLC Mission

NSSA® Certificate is a nationally recognized standard of competent and ethical Social Security planning.

NSSA® Certified Advisors benefit society by helping individuals and couples improve their financial security during retirement years through maximization of Social Security benefits. board of directors

Board Of Directors

The National Social Security Association’s board consists of very enthusiastic and hard working committed practitioners. The board members include founders Marc Kiner and Jim Blair, along with CPA/NSSA® Advisor Brian Schmidt.

The board provides strategic direction regarding the content and standards of the National Social Security Association’s Advisors Certificate Program.

Marc Kiner: Founder

Marc Kiner has 30 years experience in public accounting.  His primary areas of service were to privately held businesses and individuals. Recognizing a need in the marketplace for enhanced advisor knowledge for Social Security filings, Marc sold his practice in 2012 to concentrate on Social Security.  Marc is co-founder of the National Social Security Advisors certificate program.

Jim Blair: Founder

Jim Blair is the lead consultant in our Social Security consulting department, with over 35 years experience in helping individuals manage their Social Security benefits. Jim retired after 35 years with the Social Security Administration and is co-founder of the National Social Security Advisors certificate program.

Brian Schmidt: CPA/NSSA Advisor

Brian Schmidt has 22 years of public and private accounting.  Primary areas of service are to individuals and business and includes complex tax planning along with mergers and acquisitions.  Brian purchased his CPA practice in 2012 and belongs to the American Institute of CPAs, Ohio Society of CPAs and Knights of Columbus.

Warrick Graves: Director of Business Development