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78 million baby boomers are either currently eligible or will soon be eligible for Social Security. With NSSA® Certificate and Training,
you can help these prospective clients receive maximum Social Security benefits through astute analysis of filing options.


NSSA® Certificate and Education NSSA Certificate is the industry standard that signals colleagues and clients that you are able to provide thoughtful, strategic and expert advice regarding maximization of Social Security filings.

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Serve 78 Million Baby Boomers Credibility and reputation are important. Distinguish yourself among your peers. Stand out from the crowd. Let your clients know that you have invested in their future by investing in your own training.

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Classes, On Demand and Webinars Attend a class in a nearby city. Invite us to train at your facility. Or learn from your office, in a location and time that suits your schedule. We will share our knowledge with you at a time, site, and format that meets your needs.

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"NSSA has directly increased my credibility, my business, and overall client experience and satisfaction." Kimberly Y., Worthington, OH